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Meeting Minutes



Posted by Paul De Leon on 4/27/2017

  • Teacher appreciation week (starts May 8), giving out toy cars from Auto Club. “Thank for you going the extra mile.”
  • Relay For Life, link to sign up is on twitter. or here: Relay for Life Team Page
  • Pre/Fundraising- Selling cars and/or bracket race
  • Relay for Life theme- “Need for Speed for a cure.”
  • Making shirts for Relay for Life, date on when soon.
  • Possible field trip to see Cars 3 in the summer.

4/6/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul De Leon on 4/6/2017

  • April 27th, open house for St Phillips, visit automotive program and other parts of the school. Open house is between 9:30-11:35, April 12th (next week) the permission slips are due, need a grade check. ( must be passing.)
  • Graduation pin made for seniors, have to have attended meetings, car shows, help out with posters and attend relay for life.
  • Juniors- internship this summer with the district, helping in transportation department, payed for by the district.
  • Relay for life is in May. Will be talked about when it comes closer.

3/9/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul De Leon on 3/9/2017

  • Advertise for the new car show date.
  • Check any old posters with the old date and fix the to the new date. (March 25th)
  • Make sure to spread the word about pre-registering. Doing so saves them $5.00.
  • Go out on social media and spread the word more about the date.
  • April 2nd, sunday 10-6 is the Car Fest at the Freeman Coliseum. It is not a car show. It is a campaign about the automotive industry and is a competition between other technicians
  • April 27th- field trip to St.Phillips. It is during  school, so you need to be passing all classes to participate in the field trip.
  • April 14th- Rep Your School night at SA Raceway. (other dates include May 26th & June 9th.)
  • Flyers still need to be passed out and posted around campus.

3/2/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul De Leon on 3/2/2017

  • Car show rescheduled to possibly March 25th.
  • The moe that are preregistered, the more that show up.
  • Need to come in before or after school to help on the posters. (Today & Tomorrow.)
  • Rep your school is tomorrow night, second race night. Starts at 6pm, might show up at 6:15-6:30pm.

2/9/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul Deleon on 2/9/2017

  • Auto Club Car Show is March 4th.
  • We're looking for a DJ for the Car Show 
  • We got a wrecked car for the health fair. Posters still need to be made and added to the car, as well as advertisements. Come in before and after school to help.
  • Cut voting ballot and exhibitor ballets, come in before and after school.
  • If you haven’t signed up to help out you can do so in room 2169
  • EC Auto Club will pay for Rep Your School tickets. Look for people that are from EC to race. Next meeting will have more details on Rep your School. Races start around 6:00pm. You NEED a license to race. Feb 17th, Next friday.
  • Next monday, come in before and after school to start helping.

1/26/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul Deleon on 1/26/2017

  • Yearbook Pictures take around 4:15 Today.
  • Baseball parking lot area for yearbook photos w/ cars.
  • Feb 17, SA raceway rep your school, who ever pays for ticket is still unknown. 6-12, carpooling as transportation.
  • South Texas Vocational-Technical Institute is coming Feb 23 to talk about their institution, trip to school is possible, transportation is unknown.
  • Hornets for health in March 4th, talked to about deaths, cost, and consequences about drunk/distracted driving.
  • Relay for life in May. (May 20, 2017) 
  • March 4 (same day as Hornets 4 Health) was voted on for Spring Car Show.  

1/19/2017 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Paul Deleon on 1/19/2017

  • Auto Club photos for yearbook. (club and officer members) Jan 26th, date for pictures. 
  • Feb 17th- rep your school (schools get points based on races won and school spirit, SA raceway, tuesday night, )
  • March 4th, PROM, Hornets for Health, our version of health,health in automotive world, against drunk and distracted driving, mothers against drunk driving, see crushed car with facts and present it.
  • May is possibility for 2nd car show, most likely, date still not decided.

10/13/2016 - Meeting Minutes

Posted by Reba Lubianski on 10/13/2016

We held our first Decal Ceremony: Members that have paid dues and have had nearly perfect attendance receive their offical EC AutoClub Member Decal. 

We introduced the online Exhibitor Application Form, Please make sure you are letting potential exhibitors know about it 


More flyers were printed to be handed out 

10/6/2016 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Reba Lubianski on 10/6/2016

Pep Rally Info

Pep Rally starts at 7pm, club members need to be here before 6pm, if you are participating in the Pep Rally please let Mrs. L know so she knows how much Pizza to get for after school. If you are going to be participating in the Pep Rally please wear an autoclub shirt or a just a grey t-shirt.

*We need help designing our pep rally poster, some come to room 2169 before school or afterschool Today, Friday, or Tuesday 

Car Show Update

We need ideas for trophies for the car show - email your ideas to Mrs. L (

We still need a DJ for the show as well. 

T-Shirts are in!!!

9/22/2016 Meeting Minutes

Posted by Reba Lubianski on 9/22/2016

Homecoming Pep Rally ideas - 6:00pm you need to be there. Tricycle, unicorn riding behind us.

Next meeting sign up for Oct. 12

T-Shirt ideas and flyers. Flyers going out in October; representing the car show.

Volunteer for the car show teams. Registration for teams, collecting money selling goods, trophies, decorations. Advertising team, flyers - all shops, work auto club booth, social media.

Booth team- DJ, recruiting people for auto club. Excerberate team- contact people send out flyers. Advertise for auto club. First week of october start to paint the signs for advertisement.

Asking how many people can volunteer full day and half a day.


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