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East Central Area FFA Supporters

Booster Club Information

East Central Area FFA Support Information

East Central Area FFA Supports:

President : Jessica Doege Badillo
Vice President: Brandon Martini
Secretary: Jaelynn Hart
Treasurer: Haley Ristow & Doug Willford

Directors 2023/2024:

Brandy Alonso
Carley Eddleman
Jessica Latham
Jacob Pooley
Travis Walla

Committee Responsibilities:

  • EC FFA Show Banner Sponsor Program
  • EC FFA Show Buckle Sponsor Program
    • If we match what we needed last year, it will be 35 buckles
    • RB Buckles has offered up $100 cost on buckles to select from his $125-$175 buckles like last year
    • $125 sponsorship is what we did last year to cover any additional costs 
    • Would like to present options to FFA members at the September Meeting
  • Scholarship Bash (November 4th at the Den in La Vernia) 
    • Silent Auction
    • Raffle
  • Concession Stands
    • Clean up usually done on Barn Clean-up, Set-up/ purchases in advance of show
    • EC FFA Stockshow- Friday evening and Saturday morning and lunch
    • Livestock Judging Contest/ Poultry Judging Contest- just drinks and snacks?
  • Social Media
    • Create posts (announcements, marketing, informative content)
    • Monitor comments, etc. 


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September 5, 2023 Meeting Items

Sept. 5, 2023 Agenda

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Minutes 5/2/23

Banner Form

Buckle Sponsor

Bylaws Posted 9/5/23 

Meeting Agendas

1/30/24 Meeting Agenda

1/24/23 Agenda

12/7/22 Meeting Agenda

11/1/22 Meeting Agenda

10/4/22 Meeting Agenda

1/25/22 Meeting Agenda

4/5/22 Meeting Agenda

5/3/22 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Minutes

11/6/22 report 

11/16/21 Board Meeting report

9/6/22 General Meeting report

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5/3/22 General Meeting report

4/5/22 General Meeting report

12/6/22 General Meeting report

Meeting Treasure's Reports

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