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Honors Colloquium: 

a four year program for the college-bound gifted and talented student

Characteristics of Colloquium include:

– the same group of teachers follow your student’s progress throughout his/her entire high school career

Integration – each unit of curriculum is cross curricular in nature integrating social studies and English content with a focus on humanities to optimize connections students make in their learning process

Other characteristics include:  Flexibility, diversity, independence, study skill development, encouragement of creativity, refinement of decision making, stimulating interaction with peers, reinforcement of a rigorous academic value system, enhancement of communication skills, substantive learning, increasing levels of advanced abstraction and difficulty, and an emphasis on the principles of learning

Course of Study

Courses in Colloquium offer the most comprehensive AP humanities selections available at East Central High School including: 

Pre-AP English I and AP Human Geography
Pre-AP English II and AP World History
AP US History and AP Language & Composition
AP Government with AP Macroeconomics and AP Literature and Composition

Colloquium Students

*Are regularly accepted into prestigious programs such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Duke, Rice, Trinity, Southwestern, Yale, MIT, UT’s Honors College, military leadership academies, and many other programs over the years. 

*Have traditionally been very involved, often holding leadership positions in school related activities such as band, varsity sports, and service and honor organizations.


1.    Regular classes weren’t preparing me enough for college.
2.    In other classes we are unable to debate, review and discuss topics at a high level of thinking.
3.    It’s not “hard” exactly, but brain challenging!
4.    In other classes there aren’t as many people that share the same interest in education as you do.
5.    Colloquium is a haven for all types that are driven by ambition to do something more.
6.    To have the same peers and teachers year after year creates a close community where it’s safe to be yourself.
7.    In Colloquium people actually “get” you.
8.    Colloquium is an enhancing experience that helped me feel like I fit in, with lots of other kids who think like me.
9. Colloquium – because it’s nice to know you’re not the only one who actually LIKES to learn.
10. The drama lovers have Theater class, the kids who are always sketching take Art class and the future doctors take Anatomy and Physiology.  But where do those kids who think too fast and talk too much go?   COLLOQUIUM!

Questions to ask at home:

Do you value the opportunity to think outside the box?
Are you motivated by academic tasks that allow for significant amounts of creativity?
Do you enjoy class discussions and debates regarding controversial and contemporary issues?
Are you interested in working with a group of peers with similar academic goals?
Do you enjoy intellectual challenges?
Do you want to work on developing skills for college success while you are still in high school?
Is college in your future?
Do you want to work with teachers trained to support the unique academic needs of gifted and talented students?
If your answer is “yes” to these questions, then Colloquium is the place for you!

For Questions, Contact us at:

Mrs. Theresa Tillotson:
Ms. Katharine Aten:

East Central High School
7173 FM 1628
San Antonio, TX 78263