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Materials & Videos

ECU Videos of the Sessions and Materials

EC University: November 2020

Mr. Jacob Connerly from the Social Studies Department shares how to use ClassroomScreen for student engagement. Find his slideshow here.

EC University October 2020

Lisa Merrifield from @HornetLibrary presents 20 Tools in 20 Minutes: Websites, Apps and Extensions for the Remote Learning Classroom.

EC University: February 2020

Anthony Sanchez from the Social Studies Dept. talks about the importance of making connections in class in order to maximize Total Participation techniques. Find the slideshow here.

EC University: December 2019

Lisa Traugutt of the GEAR UP family and Alex Cruz from SPED share Transitional Strategies for student collaboration. Find the slideshow here.

EC University: November 2019

Emily Miller of the English Dept. demonstrates a mini-lesson about using Sketchnotes in the classroom.

EC University: October 2019

Students from our own Teacher Prep classes share ideas about Entry Routines!

EC University: September 2019

Mrs. Johnston demonstrates how to embed Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading opportunities for students in teachers' daily/weekly lesson planning. Find the slideshow here.

EC University: April 2016

Mr. Kavanagh discusses how teachers can use games and "acheivements" to engage students.

EC University: March 2016

Mrs. Miller presents "Speed Dating," a cool technique for learning vocabulary and other content.

EC University: December 2015

Mrs. Pingue demonstrates a new Total Participation Technicque.