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A Word About Our Texts

Dear Parents/Guardians,

A central goal of our English courses is to develop and maintain a reading habit in the lives of all our students. Reading is a foundational skill for leading a fulfilling and literate life. There are a number of reasons why students should become avid readers: 

  • They become better writers with stronger skills in fluency, vocabulary, idea development, and sentence structure. 
  • Literacy opens doors to higher education and beyond, preparing students for the intellectual demands of adulthood.
  • There are financial benefits because the more you learn the more you earn.
  • Arms oneself against oppression because knowledge is power.

All in all, reading is a rewarding experience for any lifelong learner.

One way we try to get the right books into our students’ hands is to grant them access to our classroom mini-libraries, which contain texts of all levels and genres. Research shows that a wide variety of available books is a major motivating factor in getting teens to read. 

We want you to know that we are attuned to having appropriate reading material in our curriculum and classroom mini-libraries. We understand that what is considered “appropriate” may vary from one parent/guardian to another. Some may see the value in reading a book that delves into sensitive topics while others might disagree.

Please be assured that our intention is to inform students and you of any texts we teach that may include sensitive topics. However, if there is a class novel or story we teach directly or a book your child selects from our classroom mini-libraries that you have concerns about, please let us know. There are alternate titles for you and your child to explore in our school and community public library. 

We look forward to working together to capture the pleasure and passion of reading. Your support is appreciated!


The English Teachers of East Central High School


Adapted from “180 Days” by Penny Kittle & Kelly Gallagher