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Hornet s Nest

 Hive News  (Upcoming Events)  

The Mighty Hornets would like to welcome our new Senior Army Instructor LTC Terry L. Duran.


Welcome to the Hornet's Nest New Cadets! 

We look forward to forging a great future with you.


The JROTC is looking for parent volunteers to lead and/or be a part of the JROTC Booster Club.  Please contact one of the instructors if you are interested.  The boosters assist the program with fundraisers and support at all of the drill meets.

Upcoming Events

2-4 August- from 09:00-12:00- FISH Camp (All-New Cadet's Welcome)


(FISH Camp Dates)


16 August- First Day of School! 

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Cyber Patriot

Are you interested in learning Linux, Window's Hardeninig, or Cisco? Join the Cyber Patriot Team to learn more. email: 

 JLAB Competition Dates:

 1-20 November - Level 1

Battle of the Flowers Parade

Every year the Corps of Cadets participates in the Battle of the Flowers Parade.  This is an event where ALL

Cadets participate.  The Battle of the Flowers Parade is scheduled for TBD.  All CADETS need to

report to the JROTC at 9:00 am. 

The schedule is:

0900 am     Instructors / Cadets / Boosters Report to JROTC

0930 am     Departure to Parade

1030 am     Prep for Parade

1100 am     Report in

1200 am     Start of Parade

 2:00 pm    End of Parade

 2:30 pm    Lunch

 3:15 pm    Load Buses

 4: 30 pm   Arrival to JROTC - ECHS

Cadet Olympics will be held on May 16, 2020 at East Central High School.

Awards Ceremony

The School Year 2021-2022 awards ceremony is scheduled for TBD.

50 Years in the Making! 

Military Ball!  

The School Year 2020-2021 Military Ball is currently scheduled for: 

Location: TBD

Cadet Photos      
The date for the  annual Cadet photos is TBD.  Photos can be taken in either Class A or Class B Uniforms.    

EC JROTC Booster Club  
The JROTC Booster Club supports the Corps of Cadets throughout the year with fund raisers, chaperones and at drill meets.  All parents are invited to be a member of the booster club as it gives parents an opportunity to see first hand the impact the program has on the students and the community.     The booster club is always taking donations of the following items: water (8 oz bottles), gatorade, hair pins, ponytail holders, cotton balls, q-tips, hairspray, bandaids, chips, snacks, peanut butter and jelly.               




 The next Adopt-a-highway is TBD.    All cadets are encouraged to participate and earn some community service hours.                    

 Color Guard/Drill Team

16 November - Reagan

14 Dec- East Central 

Cyber Patriot

7-9 Dec- Round 2 Qualifications

11-13 Jan- State Round

1-3 Feb- Semifinals

7-11 Apr- National Finals Competition


1-20 Nov- Level I

1- 15 Feb- Level II

21-25 June- Level III The JLAB Champoinship in Washington DC